Hawkesbury Combined Probus Club

Website Privacy Policy


The privacy of members is protected on this website through the use of its two sections.

The Public Section

The Public Section is open to all internet users. This section is designed to allow the public to know something about Probus Clubs in general and the history of Hawkesbury Combined Probus Club in particular. Information is also given which would be helpful to anyone interested in joining the club. It provides a description of the activities that are available to members and concludes with details of how to contact the secretary of the club.

The Private Section

The remainder of the website is the Private Section. It is accessible to Members Only and requires a password to access it.  The information about members that is in this section is provided by members to the club on their admission to the club on their Application Form. This includes:-
Name of spouse/partner (where applicable)
Home Address
Home and mobile telephone numbers
Email Address

In the Private Section is a Members' Profiles page which lists this pre-authorised information. In addition it provides the option for members to have included a small portrait photo of themselves. Members also have the option of providing a short bio of themselves as an introduction to other members.

The details in the Private Section are not available to persons outside the club.