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Information on the pages below is provided for members only. Members must be logged in to view these pages. If you are a member of Hawkesbury Combined Probus Club and do not have a password to read the Members Section please contact the webmaster and you will be given one.

To contact Graham Wilcox, as far as possible, please do so by email or text message. If these are not available to you then do so by phone.

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What's New

(What has just been added to the website)

We are pleased to be able to announce that recently our main supporter of the club website, Bendigo Bank, recently donated a new high quality camera for club use. We thank them very much for this.

The camera had its first major test at the Christmas-In-July Lunch held on 26th July at Locksley. Please go to the Gallery to see some of the photos.

Our Guest Speaker page now has information about guest speakers up to early 2020. There are also details of past speakers, should you wish to see this information.​