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Information on the pages below is provided for members only. Members must be logged in to view these pages. If you are a member of Hawkesbury Combined Probus Club and do not have a password to read the Members Section please contact the webmaster and you will be given one.

To contact Graham Wilcox, as far as possible, please do so by email or text message. If these are not available to you then do so by phone.

Email:    Text or phone: 0402 033 930


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Payment of Fees 

If paying on-line, please use the account BSB 633 000 Account 1192 70577 for all payments. Include your NAME, SUBS, MTea, OR EVENT CODE on your payment details The Entertainment Account is now closed. All payments for events and subs will in future be made to the one account as above. You must send an email or telephone the Treasurer or Event Convenor advising what you have paid for either Fees or an Event. (Phone numbers of the Committee appear on this website under Members' Profiles and in the Newsletter). 

Change of Payments For All Club Activities

Our committee has resolved that the Coronavirus Pandemic will have an impact on how we make payments for lunches, outings and tours from now on and as a result cash will no longer be accepted. This is in response to health warnings that the handling of cash carries a risk of passing the virus.

The change will also be welcomed by those of you who have had to wait in line at meetings while cash is given to conveners and handwritten receipts are issued. It will of course be of even greater help to the conveners and especially our treasurer who has had to go to the bank at his own risk to deposit sometimes large sums of cash.

Cheques will not be accepted because they also require the treasurer to go to the bank.

The club will have the use of a Bendigo Bank’s Point-of-sale (POS) terminal that will allow immediate electronic payments. It will accept any EFTPOS/credit card or debit card. There will be no cost to any member who makes payment in this way. If there should be a member who currently has no bank issued card it should be known that it is not necessary to pay any bank any charge for the use of one, as long as unpaid credit is not involved.

This means that from the next meeting there will be three ways to make payments for all activities.

  1. By direct bank transfer from your bank to the club’s Bendigo bank account
  2. By presenting your bank issued card on the POS terminal by tapping or using your PIN, or
  3. By going to Bendigo Bank at Richmond or North Richmond with a cheque or any cash that you might have, to deposit it yourself. Printed bank deposit slips will be available if you plan to do this.

The payment of money at club meetings for morning tea has been abolished and replaced with an increased annual subscription. As this was proposed by Lester Vincent please refer to his detailed explanation in the newsletter.

Some members are telling me that they are not receiving information which is distributed by email. If this applies to you, please consider:-

  1. Could your email address by incorrect in our system? If you think this is the problem, please email me. If a change is necessary to the club’s records I will pass on the correction to our membership officer.
  2. Do you have an address but are not in the habit of looking at your email Inbox? The solution to that problem is obvious.
  3. Do you even have an email address at all? If you are unable to use email, is there anyone in your family, or a friend you can rely on to pass to you anything that is sent to members? If so, please ask them if you can use that address.

Whereas in the past communication by the newsletter and announcements at the meeting may have sufficed it is now often necessary to get information to all members more quickly and the way to do that is by email.