The Rotary Club of Windsor formed a Probus Club in the Hawkesbury District on 18th May 1989. Rotary Clubs had originated as clubs for men only so it was common for Probus clubs to cater for men and women separately. This club became known as Hawkesbury Men's Probus Club.

Another club was then established for women as Hawkesbury Women's Probus Club on 17th September 1990.

As the point of Probus was to allow people to socialize together rather than undertake service work it became obvious that for Probus clubs to be really popular they would need to have mixed memberships. It was natural for husbands and wives to socialize together with friends, so why not at Probus?

By 2007 both clubs were struggling. Elsa Balch from the women's club and Graham Swain from the men's club decided that a merger would invigorate membership as a combined club. Their solution was to open the women's club to men and rename it Hawkesbury Combined Probus Club Inc. The move proved popular with most of the women and presumably all of the men, who either joined for the first time or transferred from the men's club. There was however strong resistance from the men who wished to retain their club with only male members.

The first meeting of the combined club was in April 2008 at the Richmond Club, Richmond. At that meeting the seventy-four people who attended had doubled the previous membership and Barbara Crook was elected as the first president. Barbara later told the Hawkesbury Gazette that the addition of men had lifted the tone of the club. "There was much more hilarity than normal. Much more camaraderie", she said.

​Foundation Members who are still members of the club​ are: Elsa Balch, Audrey Blood, Maureen Bourke, Lorna Clare, Barbara Crook, Paula de Hair, Brian Fallon, Jenny Fallon, Joan Glanville, Anne Gordon, Ian Gordon, Brenda Harrold, Vivien Hill, Christina Locke, Bob Newland, Dorothy Phipps, Judy Rout, Merv Shaw, Lyn Smyth, Bea Stone and Graham Swain.

Since that time the Combined Club has continued to thrive and more activities continue to be added to the program. The popularity reached the point where membership reached 200. In 2015 a second combined club in the Hawkesbury was formed in Windsor and in 2016 a third, at North Richmond.

The Presidents of Hawkesbury Combined Probus Club
2008                   Barbara Crook
2009                   David Horn (to end of June) Gale Hill (from July)

2010                    Gale Hill
2011                     Kevin Meredith
2012                    Jenny Fallon
2013                    Paul Clarke
2014                    Gay Oatley
2015                    John Vincent
2016                    Lyn Smyth
2017                    Eric Dickinson
2018                    Chris Skurray
Jim Berrell
2020                   Julie-Ann Coates (Due to the club's partial closure caused by the Covid-19 pandemic the presiden
cy was extended)
2021                    Julie-Ann Coates 
2022                   Julie-Anne Coates
2023                   Chris Skurray
2024                    Angelika May

The Management Committee

LEFT TO RIGHT:  Angelika MayPresident; Janet Hoile, Vice-President
Chris Skurray, Past President; Sue Daws, Secretary & Public Officer;   Julie-Anne Coates, Treasurer;  Sharyn ThompsonMembership; Linda Reinhardt, Interest Groups Co-ordinator; Jan Nash,  Welfare Officer;  Guy BoncardoTechnical OfficerTina Tallack, Newsletter Editor;  Margaret Novak, Programs & Guest Speakers;   Gary Condon, Webmaster                  

The Conveners of the club's activities


LEFT TO RIGHT:    Lyn Smyth, Australian Tours;  Jan Chandler, Chatterbox Coffee Club and Outings; Ellie Kay, Outings; Marilyn Burgon, Restaurant Lunches;  Carolyn Clarke, Book Club;  
Kevin Meredith, Tennis Group;  David Fleetwood, Ten-Pin Bowling Group;  Pam GallowaySnooker Group;   Gary CondonLast Carriage Club.


The Hawkesbury Probus Club Website 

​This website owes its existence to the following local businesses which have supported it with their generous donations. Members are asked to think of them when choosing services that are available from these donors. They are:-

Bendigo Bank - General banking facilities with personal and friendly staff at Richmond and North Richmond
Windsor Funeral Home - Your local Family-owned and operated Funeral Home
Richmon​d Travel Centre - Your local travel experts for all holidays and travel
Riverside Gardens Retirement Village -​ Providing a local independent secure lifestyle​ beside the Hawkesbury River
Wheelchairs & Stuff ​- A One-Stop Mobility Shop that does lots more than just wheelchairs
McGrath Hawkesbury/Rouse Hill - Experts in the sale of homes through internet marketing
Hawkesbury Legal ​- Hawkesbury based law firm practicing in most areas of the law
Rhys Pope Photography - As the header image shows Rhys Pope has captured the beauty of the Hawkesbury

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