CCC Club





Caravan Cabin Camping Club



Convener: Graham Wilcox 

Mobile: 0402 033 930


Co-Convener: Ron Smith 

Mobile 0425 290 264


As its name suggests the Caravan Cabin Camping Club (CCC Club), which originated for a group of caravanners now welcomes members who do not have caravans but would like to take part, using a cabin or their own tent for their accommodation.

The first event of this new club was to be on the NSW South Coast in March-April 2020 where we were to stay at the popular holiday spot of Ulladulla. Unfortunately this needed to be cancelled due to the presence of the Covid-19 virus. However that same itinerary has now been moved to February 2021. Details of this will later be posted on the events page below.

We managed to successfully go on our North Coast in October 2020 as the Covid-19 crisis did not limit us in any way. We started at Port Stephens and moved on to Port Macquarie. Unfortunately the constant rain made it dificult to show any photos here.

A new concept will be launched in May 2021. We have hired two huge houseboats (20 metres x 8 metres) on the Hawkesbury Rivers, leaving from Wisemans Ferry. Details can be found on the event page below.

‚ÄčThe members who attended the caravan event in 2017 are shown in the photo below.